Moss Adams Business Consultants: Audits & Accounting

With a high-quality audit, you'll gain more than a stamp on your books: You'll benefit from critical insight that keeps your business moving forward.

Beyond the Numbers

In today’s fast-moving business environment, many users of financial information are demanding greater reliability of both financial and nonfinancial data. As a result, an audit is increasingly more than just an examination of your books. It’s an opportunity to take a global view of your organization—to assess the quality of information you use to make critical decisions, evaluate your company’s overall financial performance, and help you solve complex business challenges.


That’s why our audit approach combines a keen understanding of the competitive business landscape and our experience evaluating the risks you face on a daily basis. The goal? To provide the maximum return on your investment through value-packed management letters that offer in-depth analysis of your financial statements, internal controls, and operational efficiency.

We offer audit services in these key areas:

  • Financial statements
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Federal agency and contractor services
  • Internal audit
  • Performance audits
  • Public company audits
  • Sustainability

Bacall Conniff and Associates Review: The impact of restaurant business

We can't deny that restaurants now play an important part in our lives. Today's world is always busy and most people want everything to be made as fast as possible, be it a business transaction or searching the recent album release of your favorite artist. Looking or preparing some food is not an exception, that's why we have a lot of restaurants available these days.

Its changes came from little to big changes happened in each sector of the society - from family traditions, industrialization, and change in the whole economic system.

It's amazing how people in the past do everything at their own homes. You will see a lot of plants surrounding their houses and they even raise animals for meat. They are also used to build their own houses, especially those who live in the wilderness.

People continue to improve their lifestyle, thus the birth of towns and cities occurred. Formal education has been introduced along with the removal of the barter-trade system. People learned how to focus on various skills or enterprises to make a living. They also entrust the cooking of their food to an individual or an enterprise that makes good money in doing so.

With restaurants, you can surely save more time and enjoy different cuisines at one place. The success of this business is evident in our current society. A lot of people tend to spend their breakfast, lunch or dinner at restaurants because of their busy schedules since they don't have enough time to cook for themselves.

However, with the massive growth of restaurants, come the fast foods chains which offer foods that are not really healthy to the body if consumed on a regular basis due to the fact that these foods are often high in calories yet offer little or no nutritional value. Because of this, many restaurants now offer fresh alternatives in healthy diets.

If you're a restaurant owner and you need help about the accounting or financing of your business, don't hesitate to contact Bacall Conniff and Associates. Restaurants around the world will surely continue to provide delicious foods to everyone.

Hawkfield Gallery Consultants Review: Thriving Classic American Art on Display

What is Art? The question has often been asked by many people. And the answer can be as many as the people who can give an answer. For the art collector, the answer is quite obvious: that which you can buy at an art gallery. And that answer can have a logic that many will learn to appreciate.

Firstly, galleries have the artistic, technical and economic capabilities to know or define what good art is --- not just art but that which is above the rest, if not at the very top of all the rest. But not many people can afford highly-expensive works, or even reasonably priced ones. If one can buy and treasure a couple of art works for the rest of one’s life, it would be enough. But a few dream of collecting more -- and even making some money out of doing so.

Hawkfield Gallery fine arts consultants have the broad experience of buying and selling art and in the process have gained the expertise to help other start their own collection or enhance what they already have. Very much like children collecting cards, art collecting is a passion that is shared by those who love art and wish to expand appreciation for great art works. 

Beyond appreciating art as a whole, Hawfield Gallery art consultants have the goal of enhancing appreciation for folk art and preserving American culture and history contained in those art works. Art, to be honest, is a living legacy which expands the mind and the soul of those who have insight into art’s power to enlighten us of the greatness and goodness of life of whatever era in American history it might portray. Although some art subject matters may exhibit the pains and struggles of ancestors, they still highlight the positive virtues that have made their country what it is today, a leader among leaders in the world.

The Hawkfield Gallery is located on a picturesque scenic route in a shore town halfway between Boston and Cape Cod, itself a witness to the colorful history of the nation. It is housed in an 1850's farmhouse and exactly where there used to be a tearoom, craft shop and lending library in the 1920's. The farmhouse is located in an area beside the historic North River and was once operated as a dairy farm up to the 1960’s. Visitors can take a leisurely a walk along bucolic woodland trails which lead to a pier on the river. Or they can go beyond to one of the numerous antique shops, galleries or historic sites in the South Shore's Plymouth County. Now you know how rich the place is when it comes to American pioneer history.

Owning one art work bought from Hawkfield Gallery is, in essence, a tribute to the continuing allegiance that Americans have for their rich national heritage. And buying one right at their gallery right can certainly add a little more fervor to that burning flame in every patriotic American citizen. Nevertheless, you need not be an American to feel like one and to appreciate or own American folk art. You just need to be a lover of art.

Bacall Associates Travel - 7 Tips to Plan a Memorable Holiday Trip

Are you planning to have a holiday trip with your family? As one of the experts in travel, Bacall Associates views that it will be a great idea because it could create special and sempiternal memories with your family members. Don't stress yourself too much, just focus on the fun and relaxing aspect of it because the Bacall team is here to guide you in planning your getaway.

Get a travel journal

Having your own travel journal can help you prioritize things and be in control of any predicament because this can be a tool for you to cope with different situations since you're knowledgeable about the plans you've made and they're kept in a single place, so the moment you begin planning your holiday trip, get a notebook and write down all your ideas. But if you prefer an electronic journal, you can go with it, just remember that things might go wrong with electronics so it's better to have a printed version of your travel plans.

On the other hand, most prefer a handwritten journal because it provides an emotional experience. You know that whatever you write there is important to you, and you can see your thoughts in your own writing, making memories to every single page. Handwritten journals give stronger impression than electronic journals.

Choose your top travel destinations

If you have a few places in mind, write down those places in your journal and see to it that you'll only make a short list of it, so that it will be easier for you to decide on which place you're going to for your holiday trip. The list may include your top three preferred destinations.

Research each place on the list

Research everything you can about each place on your list to help you compare them a lot more carefully. You can use search engines like Google or Bing with your research, or you can ask your close friends and relatives for more information about each place. You must know the transportation available in each place, and how long will it take you to reach your destination using different types of vehicles. Also include in your research about crossing borders so that you'll know if you need visas or if your passport is in order.

Know the weather

Once you're done choosing your final destination for your trip, the next thing you have to do is consider the things you need to bring as well as the weather condition of that place during the time of your travel. Is it going to be a cold or a warm weather? Pay attention to it because you need to match your clothing to the place's climate. You should include in your journal the list of clothing items you're going to bring, along with the list of cosmetics and toiletries you need. You may also create another list of things you want to bring such as a gadget list, etc.

Prioritize your packing

In case you end up with a lot of things to carry, try eliminating things that aren’t really needed for your trip - just bring the things that are very important to you. Avoid bringing very expensive items because you’ll just worry about their safety during your vacation. You don't want to lose them or get stolen by a thief, right? So just remove these things on your list that may trigger stress to you. If possible, pack lightly because the less baggage you have, the less stressed you will be on your vacation.

Book in advance

Perhaps you've seen this tip a lot of times on different articles. Bacall Associates also consider this tip to be very cost effective. The organization advises you to make your travel arrangements well in advance to get awesome discounts. You can also manage the arrangements perfectly if you're just staying in one place for your holiday trip.

Contact a professional if needed

In case you want a professional help, contact a reliable travel agent to assist you in your travel needs. If you feel that there’s already too much stress to handle, and your worries are starting to become overwhelming, give them a call to get the reassurance that everything will be alright. Write in your travel journal all the reservations your travel agent made in your stead. If anything goes wrong on your journey, your travel agent can be your lifesaver and stress-minimizer because they're the one who's responsible for fixing any problems.

You might not enjoy your holiday trip if you're already stressed out before you even begin. Bacall Associates suggests that you must remain calm all the time so that you can surely enjoy your vacation with your family and build special memories with them that you will cherish forever.